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Playoff Appearances:

1992, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2022

District Runner-Up:

1976, 1980, 1984, 2010

Co-District Champions:

1981, 1987, 2011


Lady Cougars All-District Teams


Mia Vidal – Most Valuable Defensive Player, 1st Team All-District

Austyn Ybarra – 1st Team All-District

Lola Osaigbovo – 1st Team All-District

Natalia Brigante- 2nd Team All-District

Sadie Peyton- 2nd Team All-District

Liv Gronquist- Honorable Mention

Elizabeth Garcia Ibarra – Honorable Mention

Aliana Guerra – Honorable Mention

Tiara Harrison – Honorable Mention

Ayanna Pierre Louis – Most Valuable Hitter, 1st Team All-District

Mia Vidal – 1st Team All-District

Clarissa Sanchez – 1st Team All-District

Faith Vela – 2nd Team All-District

Zoe Parris- Honorable Mention

Austyn Ybarra- Honorable Mention

Niyah Miranda- Honorable Mention

Natalia Brigante- Honorable Mention


Ayanna Pierre Louis – 1st Team All-District

Mia Vidal – 1st Team All-District

Imaan Whitman – 2nd Team All-District

Cierra Salazar – Honorable Mention

Ana Bermudez-Silva – Honorable Mention

Alyssa Miller – Honorable Mention

Lilyanna Rangel – Honorable Mention


Isabella Garcia – 1st Team All-District

Ayanna Pierre- Louis – 2nd Team All-District

Jordyn Sanchez – Honorable Mention

Kailey Capetillo – Honorable Mention

Imaan Whitman – Honorable Mention

Lily Rangel – Honorable Mention


Grace Ross – 2nd Team All-District

Ayanna Pierre Louis – 2nd Team All-District

Imaan Whitman – Honorable Mention

Jillian Gonzales – Honorable Mention

Isabella Garcia – Honorable Mention

Kailey Capetillo – Honorable Mention

Grace Ross – 2nd Team All-District

Diva Davis – 2nd Team All-District

Jill Gonzalez – Honorbale Mention

Hope Espinosa – Honorable Mention

Alyssa Ramirez – Honorable Mention

Jessica Acosta – Honorable Mention 

Andrea Hernandez – Most Valuable Defensive Player

Lacey Brown – 1st Team All-District

MariaCruz Jaramillo – 1st Team All-District

Grace Ross – 2nd Team All-District

Jovani Ybarra – 2nd Team All-District

Abrana Avalos – Honorable Mention

Danielle Crawley – Honorable Mention

Academic All-District 

Lacey Brown 


Grace Hamilton – Most Valuable Setter

Lily Wilson – 1st Team All-District

Jalynn Foster – 1st Team All-District

WynterGrace Hargove – 1st Team All-District

Andrea Hernandez – 2nd Team All-District

Josie Mexquitic – Honorable Mention

Shaneice Greely – Honorable Mention


Academic All-District 

Lacey Brown

Symone Yates

Lily Wilson

WynterGrace Hargove

Alicia Avila

Jalynn Foster

Grace Hamilton

Josie Mexquitic 


Mystee Altes – 1st Team All-District

Brianna Timmins – 2nd Team All-District

Nicole Spaulding – 2nd Team All-District

Andrea Hernandez – Honorable Mention

Lily Wilson – Honorable Mention

Aveion Miller – Honorable Mention


Academic All-District

 Mystee Altes

Desirae Walker

Nicole Spaulding

Aveion Miller

Lily Wilson

Josie Mexquitic

Grace Hamilton 


  Andrea Hernandez – Newcomer of the Year/1st Team All-District

Darcy Lof – 2nd Team All-District

Brianna Timmins – Honorable Mention

Mystee Altes – Honorable Mention


Alyssa Pagan – Most Valuable Setter/1st Team All-District

DJ Yanes – Most Valuable Defensive Player/1st Team All-District 

  Kelsey Waugh – 1st Team All-District

Darcy Lof – 1st Team All-District

Mystee Altes – 2nd Team All-District

Allison Ruiz – 2nd Team All-District

Margarita Vega – Honorable Mention

Katarina Garcia – Honorable Mention


  Cierra Mullins – 1st Team All-District

DJ Yanes – 1st Team All-District

Kelsey Waugh – 2nd Team All-District

Alyssa Pagan – 2nd Team All-District

Meghan Elmore – Honorable Mention

Debise Mendez – Honorable Mention


Academic All-District 

Rosie Santillan

Victoria Rodriguez

Aryana Guitierrez

Darcy Lof

Meghan Elmore

Leticia Cabral

Katarina Garcia

Denise Mendez

Cierra Mullins

DJ Yanes

Kelsey Waugh 


Samantha Gonzalez – Most Valuable Hitter

Cierra Mullins – 1st Team All-District

Alyssa Pagan – 1st Team All-District

Alexis Gomez – 2nd Team All-District

Kelsey Waugh – Honorable Mention

DJ Yanes – Honorable Mention


Academic All-District 

Alyssa Pagan

Kelsey Waugh

DJ Yanes

Meghan Elmore

Alexis Gomez

Samantha Gonzalez

Jordan Leach

Denise Mendez

Cierra Mullins 





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